Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's that? A new post? Is that even possible?

I'm not sure you noticed, but I haven't written in oh...a while. I know a few of you have noticed, what with the constant nagging and all. I sort of fell of the writing wagon and just haven't had the nerve to hop back on. I feel like I lost my spunk, as though I set it down somewhere, like I do with my keys or my sunglasses, and simply forgot where.

I've got all these thoughts jumbled up inside, waiting to get out. If I could just drag myself away from American Idol and Dancing With The Stars for long enough to string together two coherent sentences I think I'd be good. But I just can't get over the awkwardness that is Kate Gosselin dancing and Ryan Seacrest's hair. Both are equally mesmerizing.

I'm all jumbled up inside, so I'm turning back to the inter-webs to help me figure it all out. If strangers don't have the answer to life, I don't know who else will!

Alright peeps, I promise to write more soon. Laters!

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