Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If My Mom Were Here She Would...

There are times that I forget my mom has passed away.  I find myself thinking at least once a day, "oh I should tell mom." It's that instant where habit and routine from the past overcome the current reality.  I often  say to myself, "If mom were here she would..."  So, as I've got this list rumbling around in my mind and it is keeping me awake, I thought I would type it out and hopefully find some peace, for a little while.

If my mom were here she would read this post, and all the others before it.  She would comment on every little thing, and pass it along to all her coworkers and friends.  While I was growing up the one thing I could always count on was that my mom would be proud of me.  She took every little and big success I had and made it special, made it worth celebrating.

If my mom were here she would laugh at my jokes.  We shared the same acerbic sense of humor, though I like to think it was more witty and sarcastic than mean spirited or negative.  I think I'm funny and witty, and sometimes other people do too.  But I could make my mom laugh with just one look.

If my mom were here she would be able to read my mind, and know I needed a hug.  Shortly after Justin and I got married, my mom moved in with us.  Surprisingly, it worked very well.  During the years that we all cohabitated, my mom and I grew much closer and could always tell when the other was feeling down and needed a little pick me up.  If I were sick, she'd make sure I had chicken noodle soup and a cool washcloth without even having to ask.

If my mom were here she would be so in love with her grandson, Tysen. This is the one that I spend the most time thinking about.  I know she would have loved him and cherished him with all her might. I know she would have doted on him, spoiled him and delighted in all his childhood joy.  But she missed out on that, Tysen is going to miss out on that, I am missing out on that.   There are so many parts of Tysen's childhood I wish I could share with my mom, so many things I wish we could have compared.  One night when Tysen was still small, maybe 6 months old, I sat watching him sleep and realized that there wasn't anything else I would rather do, no where else I wanted to be.  I bet my mom had moments like that all the time watching me grow up.  I wish we could have talked about it.  I'm grateful for her being my mom, but I'm sad she'll never know the amazing person Justin and I have been blessed with..

Growing up, I had a fantastic relationship with my mom, and as I became an adult we became good friends.  I don't think I ever fully appreciated the sacrifices she made and all the love she gave to me.  I don't know that anyone can truly understand how much their parents love them until becoming parents.  My mom was a single mom, and things were hard financially and I have always understood how much it hurt her not to be able to give me the world.  I wish I could tell her now that I'm sorry for not showing my appreciation for how hard she worked to give my sister and me the things she did.  I wish I could tell her that the love she gave us was enough, it was always enough, even if I didn't say that as often as I should have.


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blue_05shopping said...

Aww Steph that was so nice, I am so glad that you had that kind of relationship with your mother. I am so sorry that Tysen will not meet his grandmother but he will know her because you will tell him about her. She is watching you and your family where ever she is and I know she is so proud of you.

mom2anutball said...

Such a sweet post.

Buckner said...

Love You!

B said...

A very nice post. Truely from the heart.

I've been enjoying your blog. Come visit me at to accept your Best Blog Award!

Steph said...

Thank you. It's nice to be able to open my heart and know someone is listening. :)

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