Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A note for from the other side of the fence

A Hearty Hello to all in blogosphere,
This is Steph's worser half(grammatical error noted), Justin
Don't worry Steph will be back probably tomorrow or later today even.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank her wonderful e-freinds and mssg board peeps. Steph has written a few posts dealing with the frenetic pace of life a Football Coach family must deal with and when you slice the pie between school/athletics/Tysen/Family/and Husband-Wife, that last slice can be awfully small. Too small, in my opinion, but the reality we create is the one we have to live in. So as commitments pull me farther away, Steph is left tethered to our son and the vestiges of a normal life.

Which is where you come in, since Steph first started posting on the Ivillage December Sugar Plum board she was hooked. She would sit and recant the tales of other expectant mothers, then tell me about your little bundles of joy, and their first words/steps/ and so many other cherished memories. She has since migrated to facebook and now this blog to stay connected; share and gain that all important appreciation every mother deserves, yet seldom receives.

I find it comical we set aside one day a year for Mother's Day, what a croc, we should set aside a day a week to fully encompass the enormity of your sacrifice, at least make it a seasonal Holiday (Spring Mother's, Summer Mother's, etc).

But Hallmark Holidays aside, I wanted to let Steph know I love her and appreciate her and let all you know that you mean a great deal to her. For all the support you have given and shared over these past years, I am eternally grateful and wish upon you the same.

Thank You,

5 Awesome Comments:

blue_05shopping said...

That was so sweet Justin! Steph is such an awesome and great person and a wonderful mother. She is also one of my very cherished friends.

Christel said...

How Sweet Justin! You guys are well-suited together! :)

Leah said...

I'v never met you or Steph (I'm one of those Sugar Plum mommies) but I feel that I've gotten to know the 3 of you these past 2+ years! Your post is a wonderful testimate to you and your wonderful family :)

Steph said...

Love you, Justin :)

Terri-Lee said...

Thank You Justin... We love her too!! :)


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