Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Curves Ahead

The husband and I both work full time. When Tysen was born, we entrusted his care to others. We gave them our full trust, and it was assumed that his best interests and well being would always be put first. Tysen has been happy there for almost two years now. Changes are in store for him though. And I don't know how to tell him. He loves his teachers and he has no idea of what is going on around him.

The trust we placed has been broken, and there is just no going back. I tend to hesitate before making changes, I like to weigh all my options. Change is scary, and it's not easy. However, there are times when it becomes necessary even though the unknown is hard to face. But as I look at my sweet child as he smiles and laughs, I know we are making the right decision for him. And for our family as a whole. The last couple of weeks have added a lot of stress to our shoulders and it has been putting a lot of strain on me. I'm happy with the resolution we have come to, I have made peace with out decision. I am ready, but I am worried.

How do I tell Tysen that the people he loves, who have been taking care of him for as long as he has known will no longer be a part of his life? How do I encourage the new situation while he is still longing for the old?

There are curves ahead, I only hope I am strong enough to help guide Tysen through them.


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B said...

If you are confident you made the best choice for your child in keeping him safe and healthy then the rest will work itself out. Give him lots of extra hugs and reassurance and he'll adjust. Kids are resilient and adaptable. Find a way to make the change sound fun so he is excited about it. I hope some better, stress free days are ahead!

Steph said...

Thank you :) I know he'll pick up my attitude, so I've got to put on a happy, excited front. He's a very laid back kid, I think he will embrace the new environment easily. I just have to remember that it's only temporary, he'll be in elementary school before I know it. :)

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