Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hard Work

Being a parent is hard work. I know this, but lately it seems like it’s been getting harder in certain areas. Doing the actual mom stuff is pretty great, but it’s all the extra stuff that has me stressing lately. It is the kind of stuff that no one really warns you about, and you don’t see coming until you are knee deep in it.

Without going into great detail I’m not sure I can convey the situation properly, but I don’t feel as though this is the place for that. The short story is that we are having some issues with Tysen biting at (and only at) daycare and are being threatened with his removal. Now, if you are a parent, you are probably familiar with the reaction I had to that. No one threatens the emotional well being of my child, nor are they allowed to insinuate that he is solely responsible for the situation. Don’t you dare assume that I will not fight for what is right and in the best interests of my son; I am a very protective mom in that regard. See, here I go getting all angry again.

Last night, as I was lying in bed I heard Tysen crying in his room and saw that he he had been woken by a bad dream, at least I assume it was, he wasn’t really able to communicate that. I calmed him down and sat watching him sleep. This sweet child that I have been blessed with will always be my first priority. I knew he was fine, I knew he would probably sleep soundly for the rest of the night, but I was sorely tempted to grab a blanket and sleep by his bed should he need me in the middle of the night.

I am mom, I sleigh all my son's dragons, real and imaginary. Sorry is the person who forgets this.


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