Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paranoid Mommy, Over Using Google. Not Good.

I haven’t talked too much lately about the T-man.  He’s doing fabulously, happy most days, eager to learn and explore new things.  He’s in a truly great stage right now. We can share his experiences and he still sees his parents as his heroes.  Most days are great, with a few not so great moments sprinkled in to keep life interesting.

But, then there are the days that just bring on stress and anxiety.  As a parent, these are the hardest, because there’s so much unknown, and often too much information to actually find a solution.  The other day, someone mentioned a specific issue, or problem, that she noticed Tysen was having.  It caused me a lot of stress, and lead to questioning where I had gone wrong as a mom, what I could have done better or differently.

And then, of course, I hit Google up for some answers.  Just so you know, Google sucks and can lead to hysteria.  While you may innocently enter a few key words of a phrase, you get all kinds of results that may not be related, but they will sure scare the hell out of you.  I know the person who I was talking to didn’t intend for me to Google, and was probably not as bothered by our conversation as I was.  But I did.  So now not only am I stressed and laden with mommy guilt, I’ve also added freaked out and scared to the mix.

Thanks a lot Google.

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magically ordinary said...

Too much information on google! That's for sure. Just take a breath and maybe call his doctor?

Good luck!

Steph said...

Thank you :) I don't think there is any real concern, I think it was just my mind running crazy. At least that's what I hope.

Candance said...

Oh honey, I gave myself liver cancer when it just a broken gallbladder and a heart attack when it was just heartburn from taco night playing internet doctor. It's bad news!

Thanks for commenting over at my place! I'm totally looking up the couch to 5K thing right now!!

Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry said...

Stay away from WebMD as well. I think my daughter's appedix had flared but it was eally just baby gas and a HUGE poop.
I gave you an award!
You crack me up!

Steph said...

@Candance I definitely need to stay away from the internets. It's a scary world out there, just trying to freak me out. Good luck with the running!

@Christie, WebMD is another dangerous resource. Too much information and not enough knowledge.

blue_05shopping said...

I agree stay away from Google! I have done that many times myself. You are a wonderful mother and Tysen is a very smart boy and he is only 2 years old!

Life (In Notes) said...

((HUGS)) Don't stress. There is a lot of misleading information online! Unfortunately, most of the really useful information is buried beneath all the junk. Hope whatever it is has you less worried today!

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