Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'd like to take a moment to apologize...

But that's really not in my nature, so I'll just offer up excuses instead. Not sure if you noticed my absence during the last two weeks or so. Maybe you did and wondered where I was, or didn't care, or didn't notice at all. Hell, there's a lot on the internets these days, so it's not like without me you were left with no options.

Excuse #1: I've been sick the last two weeks, first with a stomach virus and now with a horrible head cold. It's hard to breath when your sick, nevermind type and think. Right now I've got an enormous headache that makes opening my eyeballs very difficult.

Excuse #2: I've been stressing over moving, leaving work and everything that comes with those two events.

Excuse #3: I'm working on a big move for my blog, and that's kind of consumed a lot of brain waves. The redesign isn't coming along as I had envisioned and it's got me a little down.

Excuse #4: I'm just plain busy, and it's only going to get worse. I barely have time to look at my reader to know how far behind I'm getting. I haven't read other blogs in forever, and I'm so far behind. Must catch up.

Yah, that's about it. A good friend, Julie Maloney, is a finalist in the ny Style X10 Blogger Contest, so go visit and give her some love!

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Julie from Momspective said...

She's been busy because I've consumed all her time forcing her to keep me company while I freak out over just about everything. :D

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