Thursday, October 22, 2009

Review: The Perfect Brownie Pan

I love brownies, so gooey and rich and chocolately. When I first saw an infomercial for the perfect brownie pan, I was intrigued. Not that cutting brownies is such a chore, but if it gets those scrumptious morsels in my mouth a bit faster, where is the downside?

We had a hard time finding said brownie pan, apparently they are quite popular among brownie lovers like myself.  We finally found them at the As Seen on TV store.  I know, who would have thought to look there?  Justin did, he's pretty smart.

I unpacked the box as soon as we got home and cracked open a box of brownie mix and got to baking. That's right just call me Susie home-maker with my home made brownies. Hey, I made them at home!

Forty minutes later the kitchen smelled like heaven and the brownies were ready to come out of the oven. According to the instructions, you should fully cool the brownies before attempting to remove the divider from the pan. So I waited like a good girl until they were nice and cool before attempting extraction. This is where things got a little tricky...The pan didn't want to let go of my brownies. You can just imagine how well that went over, I wasn't going to give up without a fight!

I tried pounding them out, tapping them out and finally called in reinforcements. Justin fist tried to intimidate them, he's a big guy, but they didn't budge. Next came sheer brute force, he banged them really hard on the counter with no success. Finally he brought out the sharp implements. After carving each individual brownie out of it's divided area, we had 15 yummy brownies. I knew it shouldn't be this hard, I had watched the commercial several times and they always made it look so effortless. I decided a rematch was in order!

The next day, I thought back through my previous encounter with the "perfect" brownie pan; where had I gone wrong? And then it came to me...I hadn't sprayed the pan with non-stick spray! It might claim that it was a non-stick pan, but I think that was proven wrong on my first attempt.

I set out to make another batch of brownies; it was for science after all. This time I used a liberal amount of non-stick spray, hoping to avoid the troubles of the previous attempt. When that timer went off it appeared as though I was on my way to having 15 perfect brownies. I wiggled the divider and it seemed pretty loose, that was a good sign. I decided to let them cool a bit before removing the divider. I think this may have been where I went wrong; fifteen minutes later it was pretty well stuck to the brownies. The brownies were a lot looser but still required removing individually with a little nudge from my fingers.

I'm not giving up on the perfect brownie pan, I've got plenty more mixes in the cupboard. I fully intend to remove that pesky divider before the brownies have cooled, I think this might be the winning technique. Stay tuned for more from the brownie chronicles.

I was not compensated for this review, I had to buy the pan and the brownie mix. Though, if someone wanted to compensate me, I certainly wouldn't turn them down.


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Mrs. Misadventure said...
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Mrs. Misadventure said...

ugh that brownie pan looks so cool but I'm hesitant to try anything that's "as seen on tv" It all seems like such a scam. My husband tried getting me to buy that razor sharpener and I was not having it! I could just picture myself with 100 band-aids covering my legs. hopefully you have better luck on your next batch :)

FeliciaE said...

i can't wait to hear how the next batch turns out, I have considered buying one but wasn't sure if it would really work.

Dave said...

did you happen spray with non-stick spray before you baked the brownies?

Steph said...

I did use a non-stick spray, which seemed to help a bit, but not entirely solve the problem

Anonymous said...

We too have The Perfect Brownie pan and have yet to get it to work like in the commerical. The problem? It simply is a product sold on TV and does not work, plain and simple. Non-stick Spray does help, especially after you let them cool but don't be surpirsed if you're still cutting them out. Oh, and just a trick, use a plastic knife when you're cutting, the brownies will not stick to it.

meghan said...

I got the perfect brownie pan for Christmas and I honestly love it! If you spray it with nonstick spray pretty generously like it says in the instructions, then just lift the separator out when it is about halfway cool. I made brownies for both sides of my family and those brownies convinced an aunt and a cousin to go buy one.
I really haven't had any problems with it, other than putting too much cake batter in...I ended up with a cake that fell apart after the batter rose over the divider.
Maybe those of you with problems forgot to spray from every angle. Remember to get the corners.

Steph said...

Oh, I have sprayed the heck out of my brownie pan, with the same results. The only worth while aspect of the pan is that it is incredibly easy to clean. I've never made brownies and had it been easy to clean up.

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