Friday, November 20, 2009

Dream Big

Every once in a while my husband and I play the “what if we won the lottery” game. Would we quit our jobs or keep working in some fashion? Buy a McMansion or build our own complex? Go crazy buying cars or airplanes? It would probably take quite a windfall to accomplish all of my lottery dreams, because I like to dream big. What’s the point of dreaming if you aren’t going to aim high? I would most definitely quit my job, though I would probably get a masters in graphic design and have an in home business, a goal I hope to achieve even without winning the lottery. For the rest of the items on my wish list, I am giving you a glimpse into my imaginary world.

For starters, we would definitly upgrade our abode. Right now we are squishing 3 people and an array of primary colored toys into about 900 square feet. Don't get me wrong, that's quite a lot of room compared to most New York apartments. But we're not in New York, we in the burbs, and about 800 square feet has been taken over by a toddler tornado. Something a little bigger would be nice, say something like this:

Or maybe....

Really it would just be a tiny upgrade...Can you imagine playing football on those lawns at Thanksgiving? I've always wanted a HUGE lawn...and a landscaping service to take care of it for me. Both of these options are nice, but I think I prefer the first, it comes with plenty of acreage, which means we could build a home for our in-laws on the property. I know you're all thinking I'm crazy, but I think it would be awesome.

Once the house was taken care of, I would need some form of transportation. I'm not really picky on this, I don't need to spend $100,000 on a car to be happy. I just want something that is comfortable and safe. I would probably be just as happy with this:

front view
as I would be with this:
2010 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML550

And that would pretty much take care of my purchases. I'm a generous person, so I've also given a lot of thought to what I buy for the people in my life. Because I like to give, and if I were to win the lottery, I could do it on a BIG scale.

For my mother-in-law who loves to sew and is incredibly crafty I would buy a free arm quilting machine. Something similar to this:

Tin Lizzie, Queen Quilter, 18" LongArm, Quilting Machine, Wooden Frame, Stitch Length Regulator, Needle Up Down, M Bobbins & Winder, Lamp, Handle Bars, Thread Stand

For Justin I would support his gaming habit in the best way possible, with a super expensive and fast PC such as this one:

Processor: Intel Core i7 965 (3.925 GHz), RAM installed: 12 GB DDR3 SDRAM, Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280

I know, I'm awesome.

Moving on down the list to Tysen...That's where it gets a little tricky. He's my baby, I want to give him the world, literally and figuratively. I've included the one must have item:

Stable Buddies

I know what your thinking, I do; it's quite a jump from contemplating a fish to owning a horse. But the boy loves horses. How could I deny him this? If we are going to own a ginormous house with plenty of acreage (did I mention it has a barn?) we need to have at least one horse.

I know the chances of actually winning the lottery are minuscule, and I have no real dilutions that I actually will. But every once in a while, it's nice to dream. So, what are your lottery dreams?


2 Awesome Comments:

B said...

My lottery dreams include bigger home complete with the housekeeper, landscaper and pool boy. For fun a fancy 2 seater sports car that the kids can't fit in for me, and of course paying for the kids college eduations. Did I mention I'll have 3 in college at the same time? I think that alone would take up my winnings! There goes the house and the pool boy. Sigh.

With your house options abouve you can have an entire WING for the toddler tornado. Wouldn't that be lovely. A girl can certainly dream about such loveliness!

Steph said...

The thought of sending Tysen and any future siblings to college is enough to give me a heart attack. I would definitely employ a housekeeper as well, forgot about that dream :)

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