Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goldfish vs Toddler...How Bad Could It Be?

Tysen is two short weeks away from his second birthday, an important milestone in any young boys life. I've been trying to come up with a great gift idea, something that will hold his attention, but not take up a ton of space (such as a giant play kitchen which I would love to get for him). I snagged some good deals on some gently used toys in October at the JBF sale; he's already going to get a rocking horse and a shopping cart.

What I really want to get him is a fish; just something small and a simple bowl. I know he would love it, he loves animals and always wants to visit the fish when we're at the store. I also know that I would be the one to take on most of the responsibilities for a new fish. Sure, Tysen could help feed the fish and help clean out the bowl. But the majority of that would fall on me, for that reason the husband has already said he thinks it's not a good idea.

I think two is a good age for a pet, one that does not require a great deal of maintenance...And it would also help teach Tysen to be responsible for the care of something else.

Oh, decisions, decisions...


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B said...

You may be tempted but think twice before you do it! I speak from experience!!!! We went through a lot of goldfish before one would stay alive more than a day (try being sneaky about it every day...oh he is just sleeping, um, yeah taking a nap he'll be better later....better be prepared with your excuses!) and the smaller the tank the funkier they get in a much quicker amount of time. And they are harder to keep "balanced" to keep the darn finned things alive. If you really insist you must have a fish for his birthday go with something a little hardier. I have found we can't kill the tetra. And go with at least a 5gallon tank. It will still fit on your kitchen counter without taking up too much room.

Sorry for being a downer...just trying to help save some of the aggravation and heart ache of a toddler!!

FeliciaE said...

I love your blog and am giving you an award! Head on over to my page to check it out.

Jenglamgirl said...

I speak from experience too. My 6 year old... in 1st grade, (2 years ago) KILLED his first and only pet. Bless his heart, he was horrified when I told him he fed it to much. Like I said bless his heart, he was only trying to take care of it. I would give him a tiny pinch of food in the morning. Then when I wasn't around my son would feed him too. I didn't know he was doing it, until the poor flounder was laying belly up at the top of the tank. Had I known he was doing that I would of hid the food. Good luck, I agree with B larger tank too! and HIDE THE FOOD!

Steph said...

OK...I will learn from your experiences. Maybe I'm a bit overeager to move into the fish owning stage.

Thanks Ladies :)

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