Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Hunt For The Perfect Christmas Tree


Last weekend we set out to find ourselves a perfectly healthy tree to chop down and set up in our living room.  I’m a real tree kind of person, I love the pine smell that you just can’t get with a tree out of a box.  We drove out to one of our favorite tree farms (living in the Pacific Northwest, there are many to choose from) and set out with our cart and hand saw.

2009-12-06 15.35.48Tysen liked both of these, but they weren’t quite right for us. One was too small, the other too blue. 

2009-12-06 15.31.38 A bit further down the rode we found quite a few more trees that Tysen liked. Most of them were taller than he was, but too small for our living room.

We finally found our tree and Justin used his manly skills to chop it down. Sadly I was using Justin’s phone to take pictures because I had left the camera in the car.  I asked him to email me ALL the pictures (including the pictures with him cutting down the tree which are mysteriously absent) which is why there are none of his manly powers.

2009-12-06 15.34.08

It was a great afternoon, even if it was only 20 degrees outside.  


6 Awesome Comments:

Jenglamgirl said...

what a fun outing... Your little one looks perfectly warm and ready for the hunt! Have a great holiday!

Steph said...

Thank you! It was a very cold, very fun outing. I hope your family has a wonderful holiday as well.

B said...

I'm a real tree kind of gal myself. We plan on setting out for our perfect tree this weekend. I can't wait!

Steph said...

Fun! I hope you post pictures on your blog :D

kys said...

He looks so cute all bundled up. (Your son.)

We have fake trees due to allergies and laziness.

Steph said...

Thank you Kys :) Justin has some serious allergies too when it comes to trees, but I just make him suffer for a few weeks. I'm kinda bitchy like that.

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