Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts, And They Are Oh So Random


I now have an espresso machine, and I love it, the frothy milk is awesome. I make a damn fine mocha, it if I do say so myself. It's good, better than Starbucks and a whole lot cheaper. But I miss those little plastic cups with the green logo on the side and the green straw. I think I need therapy.

Today I return to work after over a week of glorious time off. Let's just say I live for the day I am independently wealthy and leave it at that...maybe I can squeeze some money out of this blog. HAHAHA! I know, I crack myself up too.

I check my Facebook constantly, I use Tweet Deck, and when I haven't seen any status updates for a while, I figure it must be broken. I will refresh the actual FB page a dozen times before consenting that maybe my friends have lives they are leading. The nerve!

This is the obligatory kid mention. Tysen has decided he no longer likes to sleep at bedtime. Instead he will sing songs, play with his blankets or the basketball he has decided to sleep with. Needless to say this makes mommy very unhappy. It's become a struggle to get him to sleep when he is supposed to.

Did you watch the Fiesta Bowl last night? I did, LOVED it! Granted I was cheering for Boise State, so my enjoyment was greater than a TCU fans might have been. I love Bowl Season, even when my beloved Huskies haven't made it to a bowl game in many long years. What am I going to do when football is over. The NFL playoffs are starting, which means I haven't got much time left to enjoy Sunday football. I'm already a little sad.

Yesterday was the first time I've lugged myself out for a run in 2 weeks, it was rough. Who woulda thunked that I could have gotten so out of shape in such a short amount of time. I even had trouble lacing my running shoes, it was ugly!

Comments are being eaten again, not sure how to fix it. A few weeks ago I started Intense Debate, but it doesn't seem to have solved the problem. Guess I'll go back to the old standard and hope that the problem simply goes away. I like to stick my head in the sand when it comes to problem solving. So, that being said, they have sort of been turned of for this post due to the fact that they simply aren't working. If you are just dying to comment, you can visit me at my Facebook Networked Blogs page.

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